Out today – Halfheroes

The second book of my Halfhero trilogy is published on Amazon today – you can pick it up here: getbook.at/halfhero2

Every book I’ve written in the last two and a half years (this is my sixth) has felt different to write. The World Walker was partly an exercise in can I do this, can I actually write a full-length novel? Its sequels took on lives of their own, all of them surprising me with the directions the characters insisted in taking the stories (well aware I’m starting to sound borderline unstable now, but, hey, if there is such a thing as being on the spectrum, who the hell would want to be in the middle?)

Children Of The Deterrent was a bit more nail-biting. New ideas, new characters, new story. I even went out on a limb and wrote in first person, with Daniel and Cressida telling the story from two time periods. In retrospect, what the hell was I thinking? Anyway, it worked (and I love the Audible version – great job. Children Of The Deterrent audiobook ).

The new book – Halfheroes – is a return to third person because there was no way I could tell the story in first person. It continues the story begun in book one…I was about to give some hints, but I’d rather not. Put it this way: there are some major developments regarding a certain non-human species, a few massive fights and one pair of shaved testicles. Which might be an average Saturday night out for some of you.

I just want to take a moment to thank my fellow writer and top bloke, RR Haywood (check out his fantastic books here: RR Haywood books). Rich very kindly agreed to read the first draft, and came back with some fantastic comments. His insight was so useful that I wrote a completely new opening section, which was a massive improvement. He showed me the point at which the story really took off, and as soon as he did, I knew he was right. It’s a much better book because of his input. Thank you, Mr Haywood. If you ever stop writing brilliant books, a career as an editor awaits.

Another quick thank you to my proof readers/line editors Mrs S and Phil Owens of  Cyber Write .

Hope you enjoy Halfheroes, and if you do, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are the way independent authors manage to compete with big publishing houses – it makes us visible on Amazon.

In other news, I’ve just submitted the paperback version for review, so shouldn’t be too long, and Audible will be recording soon. I’ll keep you posted.

And, for those of you who’ve read this far, I have a question. It’s crossed my mind that Children of The Deterrent might not have been the best title. As it stands (and this is a sneak preview), the Halfhero trilogy will be Children of The Deterrent, Halfheroes, and The Last of the First.

Would it better just to name them Halfhero 1, 2, and 3?

Please comment below with your thoughts. Thanks, as always, for reading, and for spreading the word about my writing. I have a notebook full of ideas for new books, a plentiful supply of freshly ground coffee, and I’m doing what I love as a way of earning a living. That’s all down to you. So, seriously, thanks!

Get Halfheroes here




6 thoughts on “Out today – Halfheroes

  1. I think halfheroes 1, 2 and 3 may sound a little to dull by themselves. Children of The Deterrent, Halfheroes, and The Last of the First sound great as they are. Maybe above or below the title in smaller type, ‘halfheroes book 1 ect’
    I pre ordered the boom and I’m looking forward to reading!


  2. Titles are great as is. Thoroughly enjoyed the worldwalker series, but like you said, they felt like what they were.. someone learning their craft.

    With Children of the deterrent and Halfheroes, you’ve hit your stride IMHO.

    You’re not up with Mr Stross, Mr Doctorow and Mr Morgan *yet*… but I’ll defini be mentioning you in the same sentence as them!

    Really really enjoying this series.. and I read and listen to a *lot* of stuff.

    Also, great choice on the talent for the audible versions.. I’ve had so many good books destroyed by crap narrators.

    You’ve got this one Spot. On.

    When’s no3 coming out?!?!?


    1. Thanks, Mike – now that the series is complete (book three in August) I think the titles work well together. I’m really pleased you’re enjoying the Halfhero books. I’ve always fancied writing a superhero story, and I love the left-field approaches writers such as Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman have taken in the genre. Every book teaches me something new – it’s not getting easier, and the challenges change with every story, but it’s addictive. I can’t claim credit for the choice of narrator – I hand everything over to Audible for that. The section I’ve heard from Jonathan Garrity sounded great; now that I’m finished with the trilogy I’ll listen to the whole thing. Hope you enjoy book three – do let me know.


      1. Damned right I will! On the one hand, indy publishing is a minefield as there is so much stuff out there with a core of potential, that just needs editing into something very good.

        Then sometimes you get the likes of your good self and Mr H Howey, and they come up with something truly different.. and you either have someone doing a great job of editing or youre irritatingly good at doing it yourself.

        Ill be honest, I sat in the car in the driveway for twenty minutes yesterday, just so I could finish the book on Audible.. you owe me about 300ml in pure sweat!

        Really enjoying this series.. sounds like youve got plans for the third book fleshed out..

        So what comes next? 🙂


  3. Third book is going through the editorial process now (Mrs S, an editor in Italy, then me plus a final proof), then it’s going to be a side-step into fantasy, I think. I’ve had an idea gnawing at me for nearly a year, time to see where it goes. Apologies for the sweat!

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